Ruhiang-Kiulu Adventure Challenge running series is not your normal run! Participant is required to run through rough off-road terrain along the route.

The organiser will not impose a strict mandatory kit check list. Please be a responsible runner & plan for any worse-case scenario that may happen during the race. DO NOT underestimate the weather & terrain.

Participants, especially the 23k runners, is expected to be self-sufficient. Water stations will be available but will be placed at an unregular interval due to the logistic difficulty to certain route location.

We wish to remind participant to be fully aware of the hazards and dangers invested in Ruhiang-Kiulu Adventure Challenge. Please refresh yourself with the race Rules & Regulation –

10k & 23k Adventure Run Recommended Checklist

  1. Deep Heat spray/gel
  2. Wrist Watch
  3. Whistle – Attract attention if lost
  4. Sunscreen (SPF 30 over above)
  5. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR 23K RUNNERS) – Ability to carry a minimum of 1.5 litre of drinking water using bottles on a waist pouch or backpack or hydration bladder (whatever combination suits you)
  6. 1 cap (recommended with neck flap)
  7. Energy bars/gels (adequate amount per day)
  8. Electrolytes (adequate amount per day)
  9. Mobile Phone – Able to make call in/out
  10. Waterproof cover for your mobile phone
  11. Raincoat – Depending on weather